Coming out of the shadows

July 26, 2018

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Character Trailer

Build that pillow fort, grab that dart gun, and try to survive one more night!

This unique twin-stick shooter, base-builder hybrid comes wrapped in blankets of nostalgia! Construct your strongest pillow fort during the day and defend your bedroom from endless hordes of monsters each night.

Build your Fort!

Build the ultimate pillow fort, walls to protect you and turrets to fight for you! Repair and Upgrade them each day to keep your defenses in top shape, and ready to handle whatever monsters the night may bring.

Unlock New Weapons!

Unlock new and more powerful weapons! Bring on the fire power with Dart Guns, Burst Rifles, Water Soakers and many more! The best defense is a good offense!

Survive the Night!

Once the night starts, there’s only one thing to do... SURVIVE! Fend off hordes of monsters in a 1 minute round to the death. Run and gun or hide behind your fort and let your turrets do the work!

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